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Vehicle Card Pocket outdoor business card holder, lid opened, business card on angle. Selling for you 24/7

Premium Outdoor Business Card Holder for Vehicles

Turn small business advertising from Eye-Catching to INTERACTIVE

The Challenge


“Why aren’t they calling?” Getting noticed but not getting the call is a reality for many small businesses. Truth is, your name and contact information are forgotten within 15 minutes of viewing your vehicle or sign advertising, even if the interested party has made an attempt to commit your details to memory.


“I need more time!” Small business owners are the ultimate multi-taskers – research and development, production, sales, customer service and shipping department all rolled into one frenzied bundle. Not to mention all this ON TOP of your daily household and quality of life concerns.

The Solution


Vehicle Card Pockets is like a second pair of hands. It’s on the job as long as you are – and even when you’re taking that well deserved break – promoting your business and getting your name in the customers’ hands. And as small business owners, an effective means of promoting your business that involves no effort or time from your already full schedule is a real find.

Vehicle Card Pockets outdoor business card holder turn business cards, an under-used but highly effective marketing tool, into your ever present sales representative. On-the-spot or on the move, your business’s service vehicle, sign or advertisement is there with your business details to go. Whether for home business or advertising for an established concern, you’ll be impressed with what our premium outdoor business card holder can do for your business today…

When I was told I could increase my business revenue tremendously just by attaching a business card holder to the outside of my vehicles, I laughed.

 I own a commercial/residential carpet cleaning business and since I’ve installed the Card Pockets on my vehicles I can trace 18 jobs back to people who took cards from my Vehicle Card Pocket holders. I am able to make sales while I’m working with no effort at all. This is the best advertising bucks I’ve ever spent!

C. Ward, Owner, First Choice Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Realtors, car dealerships, small business owners ... you're going to love this lead generator!

Very seldom do I get so many compliments on a marketing tool, of all things. Your card pockets on the sides of all my vehicles raise eyebrows everywhere we go. I’ve had people get out at a stop light , run over, get a card, and run back to their car. It’s hilarious. Others have told me “you’re so innovative”. Well, I’m not innovative, your company is! But it sure reflects well on our customer’s opinion of us.

Susan Scott, Owner Task Team


Did you know that the average service vehicle makes millions of visual impressions in a single year?

Take advantage of that exposure and take it to the next logical step.

Your business card is a powerful marketing tool.  Let Vehicle Card Pockets complete your car graphics, decals and auto wrap advertising.


Put our premium outdoor business card holder to work for you today...

  • On your cars, vans and trucks
  • On your signs
  • On your trade booth display
  • On your shop door

…with Vehicle Card Pockets, the possibilities are endless!


If they're interested - don't leave them empty-handed

Vehicle Card Pockets puts your name in your potential customer’s hand. This outdoor business card holder goes to work for you 24 hours a day. Everyday.   Everywhere. Why risk missing another sale?

“It’s probably the quickest, cheapest way I know to turn your van or truck into a marketing and selling tool. I can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t want to use it.”

M. Cohen

President, Remodeling Success Systems, Inc.

Where else can you get focused advertising at this cost?
A business-card sized advertisement in your local Yellow Pages will run you upwards of $2,400 per year*. That same advertisement in your local newspaper can cost $125 per day.** In each case, your ad is only one of many vying for the attention of the prospective buyer. Vehicle Card Pockets outdoor business card holder gets your name, and your name only, in the hands of your future customer.

You’ve done the work to get their attention – make sure it’s you they call when they’re ready to buy.  

2002 prices in a local market of approximately 900,000 people

** 2002 prices in a publication with a circulation of 85,000


Working on a client’s property is the finest recommendation you can get, but…

  • What if you’re not around?

  • What if the potential new customer isn’t carrying a pen and paper?

  • Will they remember your company name, or look in the directory and find your competitor?

Landscaping Business Blooms!

Janeene Powell, a landscaper and owner of her own small business, can relate. “It happened time and again. My partner and I would be putting the finishing touches on a landscaping project and passers-by would stop in their tracks, admiring the design, sometimes directing their questions and compliments to us as we worked. I would often notice them looking at my truck for my company name and number before they left.” “As an artist, those encounters left me beaming. As a small business owner, I thought ‘another potential customer’.

Thing was, the call never came. After a while, I just wanted to run to that person, and start handing out business cards – you know – strike while the iron is hot,” says Janeene. “Of course, aside from being inconvenient at the moment, it’s also pretty pushy. Vehicle Card Pockets premium acrylic business card holders for outdoors just work so beautifully. It’s a non-threatening way of getting my name to the interested parties. What a great advertising idea!

I’ve got these outdoor business card caddies on my truck and now even have them on the landscaping signs I leave behind on projects in-progress (yay for self-stick!) . I’ve gotten over a dozen contracts from it. It’s one of the best business card ideas I’ve ever come across. I’d recommend them to anyone in – or starting – their own business. It’s great!”

Vehicle Card Pockets – Weather Resistant- Rain, Wind & Snow

  • Your business card available when you’re not
  • One sale covers your investment many times over
  • Superb, solid, patented construction in heavy-duty clear, smooth-finish acrylic
  • Pocket portion of the outdoor business card holder removes from base for car washes or high crime areas
  • Interlocking lip cover on secure hinges protects cards from wind, rain and snow
  • Outdoor business card holder mounts easily and securely with 3M adhesive strips – no damage to your vehicle. Removes cleanly.
  • Stays attached even at high speeds.
  • Holds 100 business cards

1 Set of 2 Vehicle Card Pockets Includes:

  • 2 acrylic outdoor business card holders with bases
  • 2 vinyl self-adhesive signs “BUSINESS CARDS TAKE ONE” (sign color not exactly as shown)
  • Heavy-duty 3M adhesive strips ensure strong bond
  • Extra signs and adhesive strips available.
  • Units also sold in singles (single unit shown on the right).

Walls by Who? with Vehicle Card Pockets outdoor business card holder installed above wheel rim

outdoor business card holder, business card caddie, one complete unit

Click on the tabs to read Testimonials for our Premium Outdoor Business Card Holder

(even more testimonials below – with pictures!)

    “…Phil, I have truly enjoyed my Vehicle Card Pockets. Since they were put on my Jeep, I have not been able to keep them full of business cards. I will sit in the mornings at a coffee shop in Chattanooga, TN and watch as people will stop and look at my magnetic signs and then take a card. All of my small business acquaintances think the Vehicle Card Pockets outdoor business card holders are pure marketing genius. I will be ordering another set to put on my other vehicle as well. Thanks for an incredible product.”

Mike McElrath, franchise co-owner, Outdoor Connections

 “…Phil, I have a mobile grandfather clock repair business and I have installed the vehicle card pockets on both sides of my van and the response is fantastic, people are always coming up the van taking a card, even when I’m in the van, some people that don’t even have a grandfather clock come up and say what a great idea that is to have a card holder on the outside of my van. The vehicle card holder is another tool that has increased my business big time!

The holders are a real $$ maker.

Patrick Corcoran, Mobile Clock Doctor, Vacaville, CA

     “…I finally placed the order. It was a piece of cake.  Phil is an absolute delight to do business with. Super prompt, super courteous and an outstanding professional!   What a great find!”

Norayda de Leon-Jones, Tahitian Noni International Independent Distributor

        VCP Outdoor Business Card Holder Survived Hurricane Charlie!

“…OK, by the time the hurricane came off Florida and made it up the eastern seaboard it was more of a strong wind & rain…. But I did an experiment to see just how good these pockets were at keeping my business cards safe & dry. I traveled from New Brunswick to New Hampshire and back (1400+km) in the wind & rain with the Vehicle Card Pocket attached to my van’s rear window (the window that gets all the mud spray?!). To my utter amazement it was still attached to my window and …. I had dry cards!

So Thank you Phil, for this great invention. I have already sold one of my extras and you may be getting an email soon from Toronto for more sales.”

Sincere Thanks,

Marni van Cingel, Innate Comfort,,

      “…Phil, I am constantly getting comments about my Vehicle Card Pockets outdoor business card holder. It’s all about exposure and coupled with my magnetic signs, it really stands out. I’ve had more than a few “That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen” comments.

Moreover, I’ve seen people take the cards and have personally handed cards to people who weren’t really sure whether they should try it. I think it’s more than worth the price.

If you have some cards, please send them along as I’ve had several business owners ask about them.

Scott C. Boyer, Future Home Realty Co.

      “…Phil, I can’t tell you how may people love the idea and I have forwarded your info to so they could place an order. The product works great and is very effective. Another key point is that when “walk-up” customers approach my guys on the job site, my men don’t have to stop working they just point them to the Vehicle Card Pockets and keep working.

Thanks again!

John Roberts, IPLACEM, Inc., Fallston, MD

      “…Hi Phil,  I bet you get a lot of new orders from my car this week!!

I was at the national Pet Sitters International Conference over the weekend with about 400+ other pet sitters and had other pet sitters literally taking pictures of my car and trying to track me down at the convention, none of whom I had ever met.

The pet sitters thought the vehicle card pockets were one of the neatest things they had ever seen. There was so much buzz generated about this unique marketing tool, I was called to the front by the promoters of the convention to talk about my vehicle card pockets, what they had done for me, and where people could buy them. I told everyone the vehicle card pocket outdoor business card holder was the best money I had ever spent on advertising!

Thanks again for such a wonderful product!”

Sherry Morrison, Owner – CatNip Pet Sitting,, (843) 240-PETS (7387)

PS – the founder of the organization asked that I write into our professional journal and send a picture – I will send you a copy of the page when it is printed.

      “…my Vehicle Card Pockets are going well, and people are taking my cards on a pretty steady basis. Great product, very innovative, great price!”

Stephanie Fett, AmeriPlan USA

       “…. these outdoor business card holders are excellent for their intended purposes. I think every printer should have these available to their customers.

Randy Reek, Island Pharmacy Services

    “…Hi Phil,  I purchased  the vehicle card pockets at the beginning of the year in an attempt to “be  different” than most of the other Realtors in my area, after all being different  is what gets you noticed.  I received the product and immediately noticed  the quality of the design and the benefit of the pockets.

During  the time that I have been using the “vehicle card pockets” I have been amazed at  the durability and the fact that they are very waterproof.  Through many NC downpours my cards have never once had water damage nor have the card pockets  opened even at highway speeds in excess of 70 mph.

I am constantly being asked “where did I purchase the card holders” because everyone would like  to have the advantage I have.  I have had many people beside me at  stoplights comment on how clever the card holders are and that they immediately attracted their attention. I would recommend this product to anyone  looking to promote their business even when they are not available to hand out  their cards.  It is amazing to count the cards in the holders at the end of  the week and see how many have been taken.  This is definitely a product  that is helping to promote my business even when I can’t.  Thank you for providing such a professional, quality product that  has helped to advance my business. You can expect many referrals from me  in the future!”

 Jeffery Prevatte, REALTOR, Broker Associate, Keller Williams Realty, Fayetteville, North Carolina

        “…Phil, I must tell you that your vehicle card pockets outdoor business card holders are a genius marketing product. Everywhere I go people are just amazed how innovative and effective they are. They compliment the Nerds To Go  brand in a very Nerdy way.”

John Pollock, VP of Unlimited Opportunity

  NERDS TO GO, Enabling People and their Technology

         “…Hi Phil – Just wanted to drop you a note and express our appreciation for your product.

I originally bought two card pockets for my Geek Mobile – our famous PT Cruiser. I placed one on each side. They worked out so well that I added another one to the trunk and now, pretty much wherever I park, a business card is available to our clients. I love the see-thru acrylic box that lets clients know what’s inside. It also lets me know when to fill up again. Your vehicle pockets are such a simple gadget that has allowed our clients to easily walk away with our name and number when we are not there. So even when the car is parked, it is still working for us.

Have a blessed day.”

Carlos Soto, Geeks On Call, 1 800 905 GEEK x 2451,

       “…Hi Phil,  I’m a repeat customer with your product. These things are great! I get 5 x more leads from these than I do from a Yellow Pages ad (really).

Chris Patterson, Patterson Electric, 636-281-2030 or 1-800-876-5232,

       “…Hi Phil!  We have given several of our VCPs away as door prizes, and people just love them. We also gave one to our pastor, and he placed it right on the mailbox.

The card pockets have been well received, and people get excited about them because they haven’t seen them before.”



        “…I have just sold my van which had these on and the Vehicle Card Pockets outdoor business card holders brought so much business I could not be without them.  They are fab and so many people see them here and have never found where to buy them.  Please send me another set! ” 

Mrs. Rachel M Brown, Need a Cake!!

Reading, Berkshire, U.K.   Tel: 0044 1189 690221,

       “…I have your outdoor business card holder pockets on my vehicle.  They have proven to be an outstanding form of advertising and I am very pleased. I am very happy with my pockets and get a lot of feed back from them.

Sarah MeyerPet Animal Wellness Services, 352-344-1018, 3601 E. Sanders Street, Inverness, Fl. 34453

      “… I used to put magnetic-backed business cards all over my vehicle, the kind of magnets you buy at most stationery stores that you stick your business cards to – I thought it looked fun. But OH! What a pain when it started raining! Business cards on my car was a good idea… but there had to be a better way. Then I found your site and your outdoor business card holder looks so much better than all the other vehicle card holders out there. Thank you for offering a great product, Phil. My cards stay dry, my van looks more professional, and people love using the Card Pockets!

Mike Kurchoff, “Handyman at the Ready”, Calgary, AB

More Testimonials for our Premium Outdoor Business Card Holder

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