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Car Window Business Card Holder

Temporary installation of your outdoor business card dispenser

Afraid of commitment? We get it!


Love the idea of an outdoor business card holder but don’t love the idea of installing it directly on your vehicle? We’ve got you covered. Install your Vehicle Card Pocket on our car window hanger, hang it off your side window, roll it up and you’re done.

Our sturdy car window business card holder ‘window hanger’ is made of thick, clear acrylic and measures 5 inches wide with a 9 inch drop so there’s plenty of room for your Card Pocket and “Business Card Take One” sign. The flap that sits on the inside of your window drops 4.25 inches for a secure hold.*

Looks good, doesn’t it?

Thanks to our car window business card holder, now there’s really nothing holding you back from adding this top-quality lead generator to your business promotion arsenal.  And, it’s one of the few on the market that holds 100 cards.  Make it easy for clients looking for your services and attracted to your vehicle graphics to walk away with your contact details in their pocket.


Car Window Business Card Holder and Magnetic Signage: the affordable one-two punch for your small business start-up


The car window card holder is a perfect complement to the removable magnetic signs used by those whose personal vehicle doubles as a service or business vehicle on a part time basis.  Most large stationery and printing stores offer these inexpensive signs for under $50, sometimes as low as $20, and are fully customizable.  You can upload your design or choose from hundreds of templates.

With magnetic signs and your Vehicle Card Pockets car window business card holder you can have a mobile advertising package for less than $100.  Not a bad start to your new small business venture!


*12.5 cm wide , 22 cm drop on the outside and 10.5 cm drop on the inside.

1 Vehicle Card Pockets unit with car window hanger CAD $ 34.95

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1 Car Window Hanger Only CAD $15.00

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car window business card holder
car window business card holder

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