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Product Details and Installation


A set of 2 Vehicle Card Pockets includes:


  • 2 Vehicle Card Holder business card pockets
  • 2 Vehicle Card Holder Bases
  • 4 heavy duty 3M Adhesive Strips
  • 2 “Business Card Take One” vinyl, self-adhesive signs (sign colors not exactly as shown)
  • Single unit shown here

“… Can’t wait to get your vehicle card holder… I am surprised I haven’t heard of it before! Just got lettering put on my car and the cardholder will be a great addition!!! Please send some business cards .. I attend a lot of networking groups and wouldn’t mind passing out your card. :)”

Julie Hampton

Owner, Sweet Pea Studios, Gulf Breeze, FL

“…Phil, I get a lot of comments on them and really like them I have
a Hummer H2 logo’d to the max for my company and we use it at shows.
Take a look at the photo.”





Robert Stuart

President, Spring Spas & Home Recreation

Vehicle Card Holder Dimensions

Metric Measurements

  • The dimensions of the base are 10.64 cm long x 6.35 cm high x 0.95 cm thick.
  • With the card holder on, the dimensions are 11.43 cm long x 6.35 cm high x 5.08 cm thick.


Imperial Measurements

  • The dimensions of the base are 4-3/16 inches long x 2-1/2 inches high
    x 3/8 inches thick.
  • With the card holder on, the dimensions are 4-1/2 inches long x 2-1/2
    inches high x 2 inches thick.

Installing your Vehicle Card Pockets

Our thanks to Carlos Soto of Geeks on Call for the photos


  1. Clean the surface where sign and base will be applied.
  2. Center sign in the area where it will be affixed. Gradually remove the backing strip to expose adhesive, while applying pressure to the sign to stick to surface.  You can use the edge of the Vehicle Card Holder Base to eliminate air bubbles when affixing card to surface.
  3. Take the Base and center to where it will be applied.  Check the back of the Base to determine top and bottom.
  4. Remove the backing from one side of the adhesive strip and place one on each raised platform on the back of the Card Holder Base.
  5. Once securely on the platform, remove the remaining backing to expose adhesive and apply to the cleaned surface with pressure until the Base is affixed to the surface. You may want to slightly warm the surface if applying in cold temperatures.
  6. Slide the Pocket Business Card Holder down on the brackets until it clicks into place.
  7. Open lid and insert cards.
Vehicle Card Pocket installed on side window of Geeks on Call PT Cruiser

Upgrading your vehicle and need to transfer Vehicle Card Pockets? Easy!

If you need to remove the full unit:

  1. Remove card pocket from base.
  2. Twist either side of base up and down until adhesive strip loosens from vehicle surface.
  3. Lift base off surface.
  4. Any remaining adhesive can be “rolled” off by rubbing your finger over it a few times.
  5. If some adhesive remains, a drop of nail polish remover on a cotton ball and a quick wipe with a damp cloth will remove any remaining adhesive without damage to the vehicle finish.

Vehicle Card Pockets no-time-limit Guarantee

Use Vehicle Card Pockets. If you feel that our Vehicle Card Holder does not deliver, simply return it and tell me that you want your money back. I’ll refund you immediately (less S&H). No reasons required. That’s more than a guarantee. It’s a personal promise.

All the best – Phil

Virtually risk-free

Vehicle Card Pockets
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